Cobblestoned pathways, historic sites, ancient temples and magical castles -these are but a few of the indulges Europe has to offer. Not forgetting mouthwatering cuisine for all the foodies out there. Have you been dreaming about Europe? Now it’s closer than ever.


Asia is much more than just street food and a shopping haven. It also makes the child in us come alive with world class theme parks which are all very affordable. Play by day and then Party hard at night at some of hottest clubs Asia is famous for. Your Dream Holiday is waiting for you.

  Mediterranean and Middle East

If you’re thinking snake charmers and flying carpets, your half right! But the middle east so much more. Old city charm mixed with a cosmopolitan new age with towering sky scrapers on one side and quiet beaches and quintessential pathways on the other. This is where the best of both worlds meet, to create a beautiful space for the traveler who wants a mix of both.

  South Africa and Kenya

Is the animal in you clawing to come out? Take a trip to the wild side and discover Africa’s beautiful wild beasts in their natural habitats. Spectacular landscapes, good accommodation & of course the stars of the show, the big 5.  Pack the binoculars, the safari hat and get ready for a truly adventurous trip!